The Evolution of Mortgage Lending in 2024

Notable shifts in mortgage lending in the UK are poised to impact the real estate market in 2024. As we anticipate a return to pre-Covid lending levels, understanding these changes is crucial for anyone looking to purchase property and with the help of this comprehensive overview, we’ll explore what lies ahead. 

Current trends and predictions

In 2023, UK mortgage lending experienced a significant downturn, with a staggering 23% decrease. As we move through 2024, projections suggest an additional 8% decline, signalling a challenging period for the industry. This decline is expected to continue until a modest recovery in 2025, when figures may return to mid-2010 levels, ranging between £120-130 billion.

Factors influencing the decline

Affordability challenges

Affordability remains a primary concern driving the decline in mortgage lending. Factors such as higher interest rates, elevated house prices relative to income, and increased cost-of-living expenses have created a constrained borrowing environment for prospective homeowners. The current Bank of England base rate is 5.25%. 

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Uncertainty ahead

The prospect of a general election before 28 January 2025 adds further uncertainty to the housing market. Historically, such events have prompted a temporary pause as buyers and sellers await clarity on how political changes might impact the economy and property values.

Transaction volumes

The impact of affordability challenges and uncertainty is reflected in transaction volumes, which are predicted to hover around 1 million in 2023, 2024, and 2025. This represents a 15% decline compared to pre-Covid averages.

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Expert perspectives

Despite these challenges, Emma Cox, managing director of real estate at specialist lending bank Shawbrook, has a positive outlook for the year ahead, referring to the dip in residential property transactions as, “a minor speed bump in an otherwise positive start to the year.”

Furthermore, James Tatch, Head of Analytics at UK Finance, acknowledges the difficulties faced by mortgage borrowers and anticipates a gradual improvement in affordability by 2025.
Remaining with a bright outlook, Lucian Cook, Head of Residential Research at Savills, highlights the stabilising effect of falling inflation on mortgage rates, suggesting that the housing market may have passed its peak difficulties.

Looking into the future

As we forge forward, it’s vital to stay informed and seek expert advice. Choice Mortgages UK offers free consultations, flexible communication options, and access to a wide range of lenders, ensuring unbiased and personalised solutions for every client.

So, while challenges persist, proactive decision-making and strategic partnerships can help you to navigate the real estate market with confidence. For reliable guidance and support, trust Choice Mortgages UK to help you find the right mortgage solution.

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A first-class service that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

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